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A space that is suitable for collaboration is one that lets people get together and discuss their thoughts without impeding them in any way. This is a great place to increase the comfort, productivity, and creativity of the occupants. The effectiveness of meetings conducted at this place could be influenced by the way the items have been arranged within the facility.  A good co-working space will let its occupants accomplish their goals easily.  Good co-working spaces have comfortable facilities that occupants learn to rely on in getting work done.

Co-working spaces may have occupants that are experts in a variety of fields. If professionals from different businesses, projects, or even entirely distinct sectors or industries need to gather to discuss something, this is where they can get together. Co-working facilities need to be open many hours, if not all, so that working professionals have access to them when they need them.

We can give you all of the above and then some.


Co Working Places

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meeting rooms for rent

Rooms for Meeting, Special Events, Conferences

All businesses do not have the facilities to maintain a conference room. As a freelancer, small business owner or entrepreneur, working from home, then you may need a conference room from time to time in order meet with clients. We have rooms that will suit just about any purpose. Just call us if you need to reserve a meeting, event or conference room to suit your requirements.

Office Space For Temporary Use

An office is a place where people complete work-related tasks. There are a few different types of offices, although one that you may have heard of is known as a temporary office space. This type of office is rented on a short term basis. You can also call this a shared or co-working space, where you might work together with other people using tables, desks or workbars, located in the office area. If you're looking to have a place to do work from a few hours to a few days each week, we'll help you with our office rentals. Above you can see the packages we offer. If you don't see what you need, call us so that we can customize a temporary office solution for you.

Small Offices Available

The modern real estate marketplace makes it hard to find office space of sufficient size and affordability for a small business. Most of the time, you will not be able to find small offices for rent. This is where shared office spaces or co-working spaces come in handy.

We, at Cluttered Desk, offer ideal solutions for small businesses.  Check out our packages. If they don't meet your needs, you can give us a call at 424-203-4524, and we'll put together a customized package to meet your business' needs.


Small Offices for Rent
Office sharing

Sharing An Office

Office sharing is becoming the latest trend in the commercial real estate market.

If you are interested in:

a work area considerably more professional that what you have right now...

Looking for a space to dedicate your time to a professional project

Beginning a business from the ground up or

A satellite space for your office that lets you work near home

Then, you should consider an office share. Two to six people can share an office space, but there are private office options too. If you need to collaborate with other people, then this type of office may be just what you need.

Whatever space you are searching for, we have the right solution for you.  Get in touch with us ASAP!


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